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Fun Fact:

Low folic acid levels have been associated with depression.
Want to boost your folic acid intake? Try some spinach, white beans or lentils along with broccoli and orange juice!


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FoodWise Favorites

Where do we go for quick information? We go to...

The Linus Pauling Institute

Nutra-Ingredients USA

The Center for Mindful Eating

The Nutrition Blog Network


Recommended Texts

Looking for authoritative sources on nutrition for your own practice? Look no further.

Integrating Therapeutic and Complementary Nutrition
       by M.Marian, P. Williams-Mullen, and J.M. Bowers, eds.

Food Allergies and Food Intolerance
       by J. Brostoff and L. Gamlin

Krause's Food, Nutrition, and Diet Therapy
       by L.K. Mahan and S. Escott-Stump, eds.

Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine
       by R. Lord and J.A. Bralley, eds.

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods
       by M. Murray, J. Pizzorno, and L. Pizzorno

Textbook of Functional Medicine
       by S. MacDonald Baker, P. Bennett, J.S. Bland, and L. Galland


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"Hunger: One of the few cravings that cannot be appeased by another solution."

- Irwin Van Grove



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